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In the final months or studying for your GCSEs or A-levels – or perhaps studying for a 'resit'?. Then you just need that extra tuition to help you through the exam


Build up your confidence and get your spoken, listening and written language skills to the level you want before the exam season.

We pride ourselves in taking students, of all abilities, to a top grade.


You are fairly comfortable in reading, writing and speaking German but, need more tuition and practice to feel more confident


You feel at ease in most everyday situations and can communicate well, with German speakers, in some situations. However, you now wish to widen your knowledge of tenses and vocabulary and improve your overall fluency.

Advanced Fluency

„Sprechen Sie Deutsch mit mir and verbessern Sie dabei fliessend Ihre Sprachkenntnisse und Ihren Akzent".


You are already able to converse quite freely in German but, need to further extend your vocabulary, improve your conversation skills, fluency and accent. Working with a native German tutor, we also work on your writing and reading skills in the chosen area.

Business German

Brush up your German in preparation for that important business meeting or visit.


Highly focused 1:1 sessions – with a native German speaker practising your vocabulary, brushing up on structures and grammar, pronunciation and fluency.

For longer courses, these can be tailored to meet our availability and the urgency of your need e.g. One Day (6 hours) Intensives; 5 days, 3 hours a day and 10 days at 3 hours a day intensive courses.

German Connections - German Language Lessons


Why not contact us to discuss your individual needs.

We have over 25 years experience providing high quality German Language tuition and courses for both private individuals and corporate clients - and are ideally located to serve the Surrey area.

German Connections - German Language Lessons