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Individual Assessment

To make the most of your learning experience it is important that each person's level of fluency is individually assessed and a course of tuition developed that is most suited to your needs, learning style and speed.

When you phone or contact us for advice we will either undertake a brief assessment over the phone or, for an intensive one-to-one course, visit you to undertake a full and free assessment.

For that reason, the following headings and details should only be seen as an initial guide to matching your needs to one of our individually structured courses.

The Beginner

„GutenTag, bitte sprechen Sie ein wenig langsamer!"
"Hello, please speak a little slower"

You might be a complete beginner, have studied German a long time ago, perhaps when you were at school, or tried it on holiday – but you now want to expand and further develop that knowledge.

We will teach the basics of how to converse in German with key words and phrases and start you on the road to enjoying basic conversational German.

Just Holiday German (all ability levels)

„Haben Sie bitte ein Doppelzimmer für eine Nacht?"
"Have you a double room for one night?"

Holiday in Europe should be a real pleasure but, for many, it leads to a real frustration that you are not as fluent as you would wish when ordering the basic things of life


We will give you the confidence and knowledge of how to deal with everyday situations such as reading menus, ordering food, asking directions and reading German road signs and booking your room. You will get so much more out of a visit if you can understand and speak a little of the language... or more advanced conversation practice.

Family and relocation

„Gibt es hier in der Nähe einen Supermarkt?"
"Is there a supermarket near here?"

We regularly receive requests from families who have bought a house in Germany, are planning a family holiday, are relocating with work in Germany or already have family living there. We can help you and your family prepare for those situations with lessons that mix language and conversation with an introduction to German culture.


You are fairly comfortable in spoken German but need more vocabulary and more fluency in conversation to feel more confident


You feel at ease in most everyday situations and can communicate well, with German speakers, in some situations. However, you now wish to widen your knowledge of tenses and vocabulary and improve your overall fluency.

Advanced Fluency

„Sprechen Sie Deutsch mit mir and verbessern Sie dabei fliessend Ihre Sprachkenntnisse und Ihren Akzent".


You are already able to converse quite freely in German but need to further extend your vocabulary, improve your conversation skills and accent. Practice your German conversation, writing and reading skills, in your chosen area, with a native German tutor to improve your fluency, accent and grammar.

Business German

German language training programmes can be provided - both one-to-one and in a group. The course(s) will be tailored to your specific needs and those of your business/company. Beginners, intermediate and advanced speaking is followed by additional writing and reading tuition when required.

German Connections - German Language Lessons


Why not contact us to discuss your individual needs.

We have over 25 years experience providing high quality German Language tuition and courses for both private individuals and corporate clients - and are ideally located to serve the Surrey area.

German Connections - German Language Lessons